Answering Concerns Regarding Defending Yourself Against Criminal Accusations

There are few things in modern life that can be more stressful than being charged with a crime. The prospects of facing prison time and having a criminal record can cause a person to be extremely scared and intimidated by the process of defending themselves against these accusations. Sadly, it is easy for a person that has never been through this type of experience to be uninformed about what they should expect from working with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

When Should You Speak To Your Attorney Following An Arrest?

Once you have been arrested, it is imperative for you to avoid answering any questions from the authorities until your attorney is present. Anything said to law enforcement officers can be admitted into the court record against you, and openly speaking to these individuals can cause you to inadvertently compromise your case.

As a result, you should immediately request your attorney to be present once you have been arrested. In addition to helping you to avoid compromising your case, your attorney will also be able to help secure your release until your trial, and these can be invaluable services during this stressful time.

What If A Person Can Not Afford To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Sadly, defending yourself against criminal charges can be a very expensive task due to the various court costs and attorney fees. Fortunately, you should be aware that the court can provide you with an attorney in the instance that you can not afford these services on your own.

However, you should be aware that using a public defender may not necessarily be automatically granted. Rather, the court will evaluate your current financial standing to determine whether or not you are able to pay for these services. If it is deemed that you are able to financially pay for an attorney, then your motion to be appointed a public defender will likely be denied.

Facing a criminal charge can be a daunting and challenging experience to go through. For those that have been struggling to navigate the process of fighting a criminal, it is important to understand that a public defender may not automatically be appointed to your case and you should also understand the need to avoid answering any questions until your attorney is present. By understanding these aspects of fighting a criminal charge, you will be in a stronger position for making sure that you have the best prospects for defending yourself against these potentially devastating accusations.