Summer Fun: How To Avoid A DUI While Enjoying Yourself

With the start of the summer season, so many thoughts turn to summer parties and barbecues, many of which will be celebrated with a fresh fruity cocktail or ice cold beer. During the summer, incidents of drinking and driving often skyrocket, especially those days surrounding major holidays. This also means the presence of law enforcement is out in droves to ensure the driving public will be safe. The use of checkpoints and extra officers patrolling the streets should be expected during these peak times. If you want to avoid any trouble with the law while still enjoying the fun summer nights, think about doing the following:  

Utilize Public Transportation

With the innovative invention of services like Uber or Lyft, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. You can schedule your ride well in advance so that you will be guaranteed a safe transport from your event. If these services are not available to you, you can go the old fashioned route of a cab or a bus.

Plan a Sleepover

If you cannot secure a ride home or you don't want to wait for a cab, just stay put for the evening. This is an ideal option when you are getting together with close friends who would not mind at all if you crash on the couch. If you are at a party where you do not know the hosts very well, ask if you can stay in the guest room until it is safe for you to drive. If you are clearly inebriated, there is no doubt that they will allow you to sleep it off until you can get home safely.

Have a Plan

When you are going to be at a gathering with several people, plan on one person being designated to drive your party home. Yes, it may mean that one person does not get to partake in the "fun" of enjoying an adult beverage or two, but that is a small price to pay that no one is hurt or killed by a driver who is driving while intoxicated.

Don't Partake in the Drinking

As difficult as it may seem, you may need to refrain from the drinking if you do not have a reliable ride home and cannot manage to stay where you are. It is the safest bet to prevent you from hurting someone else or hurting yourself. If you feel left out, offer to provide a non-alcoholic version of one of your favorite cocktails. There will be plenty of other guests who may enjoy your contribution.

Summer fun does not have to be defined by drinking cold drinks. You can still have a great time at an event with little to no drinking at all. However, if you choose to drink, be responsible when it comes time to get back home.

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