Working with Limited Driving Privileges After a License Suspension

If you have been charged with a DWI, there is a chance that you could have your license suspended or revoked. Getting your license revoked may depend on the rules in your county, your blood alcohol level, and your prior record. If you are facing license suspension, you may be responsible for several fines, fees, and court costs. The issue is that your license being suspended means that you may have issues driving to work. Here are some things that you need to do be awarded a limited driving license and live well with the limitations. 

Talk to an attorney about your driving hours

In order to win a limited driver's licenses after a suspension, you will need a DWI attorney. Speak to the attorney about the details of your case, especially about what alcohol level you were charged with and whether or not you have a prior record for DWI. If you have never been charged with DWI, your attorney may be able to intervene on your behalf and receive the court's permission for limited driving privileges. One of the things that you need to know is that the hours and routes may be limited. Submit your schedule to your attorney so that you get proper permission for driving. 

Make a mobility plan for the rest of the time

When you get limited driving privileges, you will be limited in where you can drive and what hours you may drive. During the after hours or if you need to go other places than you are allowed to go, you will need to make alternative plans. Having a mobility plan will make it easier for you not to be tempted to drive during the hours that you are not allowed to. Submit your plan for mobility for any other responsibilities that you must take care of to your attorney to keep on file. This way if there are any issues in court, your DWI attorney can argue that you already have made proper arrangements to adhere to the court-mandated rules.

Carry all court paperwork with you at all times

If you are driving on a limited license, you should keep all of your paperwork in the car along with you. By keeping the court order, lawyer's paperwork, and other information inside of your car glove compartment, you will have proper proof of when and where you have been given permission to drive. This can keep you out of trouble until you are able to have your license fully reinstated. 

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