What To Do When Wrongly Suspected Of A DUI

If you left the bar and were immediately pulled over by a police officer for suspicions of drinking under the influence of alcohol, you need to act appropriately in this situation. Even if you are not under the influence, a police officer will be looking for indications that you may have had too much to drink as a sign to arrest you. Here are some tips for dealing with the police in this situation. 

Follow The Standard Procedure

You need to follow the standard procedure for being pulled over by a police officer. This involves pulling off to the side of the road in a quick and safe manner. You should then stay in your vehicle, shut down your vehicle's engine, and place your hands on your steering wheel. 

Follow The Officer's Instructions

It's important to let the police office guide the conversation you are having about why you are being pulled over. You should listen to them and only answer the questions that they ask you. Many people make the mistake of volunteering information to a police officer, which can lead them down another line of questioning to make them suspicious. 

For example, even if you have not been drinking, do not volunteer the information to the officer unless they ask you if you have been drinking. Volunteering that information can appear as if you have something you are trying to hide and giving false information.

Do Not Provide Information On Drinking

A police officer may ask you how many drinks you have had prior to getting into your vehicle. The truth is that this question can be misleading since it doesn't factor in your BAC levels, how you handle alcohol, your body weight, your gender, the period of time those drinks occurred over, or how long it has been since you had your last drink.

Know that you are being recorded by the police officer during this conversation, and anything you say can be used as evidence against you in a DUI case. Just tell the officer that you do not recall the exact number of drinks to avoid giving a specific number to their question.

Do Not Refuse BAC Level Testing

It's important that you do not refuse to take a BAC level test if the police officer asks you to do so, which is why many people end up unfairly arrested for a DUI. If you are not driving under the influence, then you should have nothing to hide and can pass the test without issue. 

Reach out to a DUI lawyer if you need help fighting a DUI you are wrongfully accused of.