The Fees Of Using A Bail Bondsman To Get Out Of Jail

Being stuck behind bars is probably not where you expected to spend the night, but it happens. If this is where you are right now and need a way out, you will have to come up with your bail money. You can pay the cost of the bail with the money you have, or you can seek help from a company that offers bail bond services. If you plan on using a bail bond company, you should expect to pay fees for the services. Here are four vital things to understand about the costs of bail bond services.

The Fee Is Non-Refundable

Before you learn how much the fee costs, you should know that it is non-refundable. When you use the services of a bail bondsman, the fee you pay covers the expenses, risks, and work the company offers. You will not get this money back, even if you do everything you need to do with your criminal case.

The Agent Calculates the Fee by Using a Percentage

You must pay the fee upfront, and it varies in costs. Bail bond agents base the fees on a percentage. You can ask an agent what percentage to expect, and they will likely tell you 10% or more. The lowest percent you can find is 10%, but some agencies charge higher rates than this. Some agents may also have a variety of rates, and they may base these on risk levels. A low-risk person may pay 10%, while a high-risk individual might pay 15%.

You Can Pay the Fee in Several Ways

While you must pay the fee upfront, cash is not the only option you have for paying it. You can use assets instead. For example, if you have a diamond necklace that is worth more money than the fee amount, the agent might accept this jewelry instead of cash.

You Will Owe More If You Skip Out on Bail

After your release, you will have court hearings and other responsibilities. If you fail to attend court or follow the other guidelines, you could end up owing the agent more money than you already paid. To avoid this, do what you are told after being released.

Now that you understand the fee structure of bail bond services, are you ready to hire an agent to help you? If so, call an agent in your city to speak with a bail bond representative.