Why Hiring a Lawyer Is a Top Priority When Facing Assault Charges

An assault charge refers to an accusation of threatening bodily harm. It can range from a misdemeanor charge where a defendant receives a fine to a felony charge where you can spend several years in prison. Thus, if charged with such a crime, it is crucial to hire an assault lawyer. Self-defense in such a case can be a grave mistake since it can contribute to heftier penalties. Some benefits of hiring an assault lawyer include: [Read More]

Why Partnering With A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Get You A Better Deal

If you're accused of committing an offense such as an assault, drug possession, or homicide, you need to face the jury while prepared. If you don't know the legal processes and technicalities of the justice system, you could lose your case. Thankfully, a criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this system. Here's why partnering with them will get you a better deal: Protection for Harsh Penalties The work of prosecutors is to ensure defendants lose their cases and be sentenced for their crimes. [Read More]

Always Hire An Attorney When Charged With Sex Crimes: Here's Why

It is prudent to seek immediate representation when charged with a sex crime. Sex crime accusations are grave and can earn you a lifelong sentence or irreparable damage to your reputation, including being listed in the sex offenders' registry. When charged with a sex offense you did not commit or faced with exaggerated allegations, it is common to assume that things will work out, and you will be acquitted. However, that is not always the case. [Read More]

How To Respond To Accusations Of Insider Trading

Insider trading is not always a crime. In fact, CEOs engage in insider trading in a legal manner all the time. However, when a CEO chooses to buy and sell stocks within their company while using information that is not available to the general public, this can be considered a crime.  How Insider Trading Works A CEO has access to confidential information. However, to take advantage of that information is a breach of fiduciary duty. [Read More]