False Confessions: What They Are, How They Happen, And What To Do In Order Not To Fall Victim

The documentary about twice-convicted murderer Steven Avery has captivated many U.S. viewers and it raises some disturbing questions. However, the other case involved–that of his nephew, Brendan Dassey–highlights another area of concern in the criminal justice system: that of false confessions. What are false confessions? False confessions are admissions of guilt made by people that are wholly innocent. As incredible as it sounds, people under enough stress can be convinced to admit to horrible things–things that they never did. [Read More]

Fake Disability Placards And Phony Service Animals Can Lead To Real Criminal Charges

There are certain criminal offenses that many people think of as essentially harmless. One of those is using a disability placard to which you're not entitled. Another is buying a vest online for your pooch that's emblazoned with the words "Service Dog," so that you can take your best furry friend with you when you go out to the movies. However, these crimes are actually far from victimless and authorities are starting to pay more attention to them. [Read More]

3 Mistakes Made By Police Officers In DUI Cases

Getting charged with a DUI isn't exactly at the top of anyone's list. It's bad enough getting pulled over and put through the paces, but when things aren't done the right way, that makes matters even worse. A DUI is a serious charge and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Mistakes happen all the time. In the event the investigating officer didn't do what they were supposed to, you might be able to get the charges reduced or thrown out entirely. [Read More]

Answering Concerns Regarding Defending Yourself Against Criminal Accusations

There are few things in modern life that can be more stressful than being charged with a crime. The prospects of facing prison time and having a criminal record can cause a person to be extremely scared and intimidated by the process of defending themselves against these accusations. Sadly, it is easy for a person that has never been through this type of experience to be uninformed about what they should expect from working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. [Read More]