How To Figure Out How Much Of A Case The Prosecution Has

When presenting a case, a criminal defense lawyer has several tools that will allow them to drill into what the prosecution has on a defendant. Learning how much of a case a prosecutor has can help a criminal defense attorney and their client figure out how to proceed. Here are some ways your lawyer will try to establish what's going on. The Arraignment Hearing Your first good opportunity to call the prosecution's case into question will come at the initial hearing, frequently referred to as the arraignment. [Read More]

The Fees Of Using A Bail Bondsman To Get Out Of Jail

Being stuck behind bars is probably not where you expected to spend the night, but it happens. If this is where you are right now and need a way out, you will have to come up with your bail money. You can pay the cost of the bail with the money you have, or you can seek help from a company that offers bail bond services. If you plan on using a bail bond company, you should expect to pay fees for the services. [Read More]